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30 décembre 2011 5 30 /12 /décembre /2011 21:04

Sarah Palin  adresse un joyeux Noël * à tous, chrétiens ou non. Elle rappelle que Noël est férié pour tous et s'étonne de l'intensification des attaques contre la fête chrétienne de Noël. Elle précise que même les incroyants sont en mesure d'apprécier la beauté du message de Noël et s'étonne que l'on puisse se sentir agressé par un bébé si humble et quelques chants de Noël. Les hommes sages recherchent le Christ et la vérité à l'image des rois mages. Noël nous uni en ces temps troublés et de division.

Vous trouverez ci-dessous l'intégralité de son message publié sur son site officiel facebook.

Joyeux Noël à vous tous.


* " My family and I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! I offer this to all because Christmas is a holiday for all, whether you are a Christian believer or not. The message of Christmas is full of hope, peace, joy, and the fellowship of all mankind; so I find it amazing that every year we hear more accounts of a ramped up “war on Christmas.”


How sad and ironic that a handful of grinches are at war with the annual celebration of the birth of the Prince of Peace, whose coming was prophesied centuries earlier and was then gloriously heralded by the angels with a blessing for “peace on earth” and “good will toward men.” Even if one doesn’t believe the story, can’t one at least recognize the beauty of the message? Or at the very least, let everyone else enjoy the season without throwing a temper tantrum at the sight of a Nativity scene? People who feel affronted by a baby in a humble Manger display or a few Christmas carols have truly lost all sense of proportion and seem to be most in need of some holiday cheer.


At a time when our country is divided on so many things, Christmas unites us. It’s a beautiful part of our culture, and for many of us it’s a beautiful part of our Faith. In fact, for believers it’s “the main thing.” In today’s tumultuous times we can remember the bible’s record of Three Wise Men from the East who received an angelic message of Jesus’ birth. They may have been unsure of the message, so they sought truth. They trekked to Bethlehem to find out more. There, they found Jesus and they honored Him. The story of the wise men reminds us that today wise men still seek Him. So in this season especially, let’s seek truth.


Let’s celebrate with family and friends. Let’s shout a cheery “Merry Christmas” to everyone we meet. Let’s remember our brave men and women in uniform defending us far from home. And let’s all pray for a peaceful New Year.


From our home to yours, Merry Christmas.


-Sarah Palin "

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